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workers are installing metal frames for plasterboard (drywall) for making gypsum walls with ladder and tools in apartment is under construction, remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration and reconstruction

We are the #1 rated drywall contractor in Cleveland.  Call us at 216-282-0454. Drywall, also known as sheetrock, is the most common wall surface used in the US for homes and businesses.  Whether you call it drywall or sheetrock, you likely mean the gypsum board used for building and renovating walls and ceilings. It has truly become the go-to material for the construction of rooms in homes and offices alike due to its strong, affordable, and easy-to-install qualities. You can make smooth surfaces with it, change the dimensions of a space or design it with texture for a unique appeal.

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It is has a wide variety of benefits that make using it in your renovation and upgrade projects the right choice. But it does require highly skilled contractors for accurate and professional-looking results. Cleveland Drywall Pros has dedicated years honing our skill and knowledge base to bring clients innovative construction and repairs that are of the highest quality.

About Us

We are the leading highly skilled drywall specialists in the Cleveland, Ohio region. As a long time presence in the industry, we are widely known for our integrity as well as our craftsmanship. From our drywall installation team to our drywall finisher staff, we provide the care you expect from experts. We work relentlessly to provide customer satisfaction and we never sacrifice quality and efficiency. We believe listening to our clients and providing them with accurate solutions for durable sheetrock installation and repairs is essential. You will not find more competitive prices that offer value for money. If you are seeking precision, efficiency, and a trusted team, you have made the right decision when you choose us, knowing we are the best drywall contractor in Cleveland.

Our Services

As the top drywall contractor in Cleveland, we employ our team of skilled professionals in order to complete high-quality drywall services in a variety of specific areas.  We've spent years honing our drywall skills and use only high-quality materials to give you the absolute best drywall work in town.  We perform our drywall services for both residential and commercial property owners alike. There is no need to invest in drywall construction tools and scouting out the appropriate high-quality materials when you can leave the heavy lifting to us. We have decades of knowledge and have honed our drywall skills to the level of master craftsman so that you have the confidence of a job done right the first time around. We use the best tools for each task and we have a safety-first approach to people and property.

drywall, sheetrock and plywood boards.
a house white ceiling
male worker flattens the putty wall

Drywall Installation

There are several options for materials to renovate and construct new spaces. Options like wood may be appealing but high-quality materials can be expensive. But drywall material has the advantage of strength, durability, and ease of use. It is also very affordable to purchase. This is why it has become the go-to material of use for professional builders. Our drywall company is the leading specialist in the region for installation. We provide clients with careful assessments and feedback so that you can make informed decisions about both material use and the use of space.

Drywall Repair

You are tired of looking at the dents and holes in your walls. Horseplay with the children may have been the result of an accident moving heavy furniture cause the problem. But no matter the scenario, a do-it-yourself solution is not the answer. Call upon our drywall contactor service for assistance to restore your walls and ceilings to their former glory. It’s the best way to protect your property investment. You are also restoring aspects such as energy efficiency.

under construction house room
young workers installing drywall indoors.
male worker putting putty on the wall

Drywall Finishing

Taping drywall seems easy. You’ve watched numerous hours of online teaching videos to prepare you. But it’s far more challenging than you may have imagined. Applying drywall finishing accurately with results that are smooth and undetectable takes years of skill honing. The process of mudding and sanding is a practice that requires knowing industry standards and has many levels of completion for different effects. Employing a professional team is a far better solution.

Drywall Texturing

Texturing walls and ceilings is a long time practice in drywall installation. But it is a decision that should be made with care and consideration. When you are searching online for drywall services near me, we are the trusted contractors with a wealth of experience and knowledge for drywall texturing techniques. We help clients determine if smooth surfaces or texture benefits and compliments their aesthetic as it can have long term effects on the valuation of your home.

someone plastering the wall
home ceiling drywall demolition popcorn ceiling texture unfinished renovated

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

You’ve had that popcorn ceiling style for decades and now it looks tired and it’s falling apart. You may have even experience particles falling from the ceiling and it’s likely causing poor air quality. We can fix that. We provide fast, safe, and efficient popcorn ceiling removal for homeowners and commercial property owners. Our removal system uses industry-standard safety protocols to ensure everyone’s health is not at risk. Removal of this material is not advised as a do-it-yourself project due to the standards and safety equipment needed. It is a specialist service for which we are fully licensed and certified to conduct.

Acoustical Drywall

You need peace and quiet and a better quality of life. Soundproofing areas of your home can be the solution. Many of us spend a great deal of time at home or work and these areas can be full of noise and distractions that come from outside as well as inside. But you can control how much noise enters these areas by constructing acoustical drywall. Sound bounces off of walls and ceilings and creates echoes that can be minimized with the right materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What services do you provide?

As an experienced drywall contractor, we can do just about anything related to drywall. We offer drywall framing to build out new rooms or closets, drywall installation on existing framing, drywall repair for anythgin from a small 2" ding to replacing entire rooms or ceilings, drywall finishing and texturing, painting, and even popcorn ceiling repair or removal. If it's related to drywall, ask us and there's a good chance we can do it. In the event we can't do something, we have several local partners who can step in and help out.

2.   How much does drywall repair cost?

The cost varies widely depending on hte size and complexity of the job, plus the materials needed for a quiality repair. A small repair might cost $100, while removing and replacing all the drywall in an entire single-family home might cost over $3000 after drywall texture and paint. Just like any other contractor, beware choosing one based on cost alone. Getting a cheap drywall repair might cost you more in the long term if they perform a substandard repair or make things worse. It's more expensive to have to fix it again than it is to hire a good drywall company in the first place.

3.   What makes us the best drywall contractor in the Cleveland area? drywall company?

Several reasons. First, we have over a decade of drywall experience, so we know how to do the job right. Second, we only use quality materials, so your drywall project will be strong and durable. Third, we listen to you to ensure we know exactly what you want, then we walk you through what we're going to do and why, so there are no misunderstandings. Fourth, we don't cut corners or rush the job so much the quality suffers. We work quickly, but no faster than we can go while providing excellent quality. Finally, we stand behind our work. We strive for perfection, but everyone makes mistakes. We will immediately rectify any problems that come up and make sure you're completely satisfied.

What Our Customers Have To Say


Great Soundproofing

“We worked from home and we have a large family. Soundproofing some areas of our house was one of the best decisions we have made for a better environment.”

- Jeff T.


Best Decision Ever

“My kids punctured holes in our drywall and it was such an eyesore for months. We finally made the best decision to repair them and it was much more affordable than we imagined and you can’t tell where the holes were located.”

- Lacy K.


Excellent Workmanship

“We asked our friends about the amazing feature wall using texture in their living room and we immediately called the contractors for an estimate. We are very happy with their workmanship.”

- Ellen C.

Contact Us Today

Our team of account executives is fully equipped to provide you with accurate answers and feedback for all your drywall installation and repair questions. As a professional drywall contractor, we value your business and we offer the highest quality materials and innovative solutions for your needs. We take our role as specialists seriously so you can expect us to be deeply committed to providing you with fair and affordable estimates and exceptional craftsmanship.  Feel free to contact us via email, text message, mobile phone, or through our social media platforms.