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Drywall Framing

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Drywall framing is essentially building walls. if you want to move or construct walls or closets, you want an amazing drywall framer. After the frame is built but before the drywall is attached is the best time to add any electrical wiring or plumbing to the wall. Getting an expert drywall framer will result in getting fully functional walls which can be as robust as the rest of your home so the drywall installers have an easier time getting exactly right.

Drywall framing is the interior frame made of studs that the drywall attaches to that makes up your walls.  Drywall is just the surface on top of the frame.  Because everything else is built on the frame, it's critical that the frame is done well.  A good frame will make everything else easier, from wiring and plumbing to attaching and finishing the drywall later on.  The exact type of wall framing used in each situation should comply with all local building regulations, but there are two basic types of drywall framing:  wood and metal.

For residential buildings, wood framing is most commonly used today.  Wood is preferred for residential buildings because it is cheap, easily modified and withstands stress in multiple dimensions.  Wood framing is made up of a combination of vertical and horizontal wood studs that form a strong, rigid structure, making the installation of utilities like plumbing and electrical wiring easy.  Your typical wall framed with wood uses a mix of standard studs, king studs, cross beams, fire blocks, and corners.

For commercial buildings, metal framing is often used instead of wood.  Some of the benefits of metal wall framing are that wall panels are lighter, cheaper, and resist multiple forms of degradation over time, like mold, rot, or termites.  For multi-story buildings, metal framing is often used due to the weight savings, but using metal framing requires that any electrical wiring have additional protection.

if you’re trying to construct or move walls or closets, the use of an excellent drywall framer is crucial. If the framing isn’t accomplished properly the first time, the only real recourse is to rip it down and build it again. A good framer will add fire-blocks and other inner structures as a way to enhance the wall so it is rock-solid. Attaching drywall to a frame that isn’t stable is simply asking for trouble and damage down the road, so make certain you get the frame built properly in the first place so your drywall installation can be done faster and easier.

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